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Mobile Reads

Mobile Reads


In partnership with the Hudson PROMISE Corps, AmeriCorps volunteers travel to different pre-schools and daycare centers in the Hudson City School District each week and read and do activities with students. Activities include coloring, improving fine motor skills, and discussing childrens’ ideas about the books read.  This program places an emphasis on reading books and doing activities that are culturally relevant to the students in the classroom.


This program seeks to promote literacy, foster a sense of community and acceptance amongst students and develop pro-social behaviors. The Mobile Reading team also utilizes the Teaching Tolerance Curriculum “Starting Small” which is a race equity and diversity curriculum for preschool-aged children.  

As of January, 2016, we are currently serving approximately 97 students weekly.


The locations that are currently active include:

  • Hudson Daycare Center
  • Starting Place
  • Head Start (2 classrooms)
  • Bright Tykes
  • Hudson City School District Targeted Pre-K (TBK)
  • Hudson Family Literacy (formerly EvenStart)